Why Advertise on Facebook?


Why is Facebook marketing so difficult for franchise salespeople to get good results with?

We are seeing brands we work with close franchise deals from Facebook on an almost daily basis. For franchise development, this is where the new action is at.

Five years ago, Google was the king of franchise research. If you wanted to research or learn about franchises, you went to Google.

Today, Google is still important but it has to share time with a number of other content platforms. Google isn’t the only – or even the main – source for you to create brand and build visibility with potential franchisees. Google has gotten more and more expensive – the cost to reach 1,000 people is now $3. Facebook (and Instagram), by comparison, is only .25 to reach the same 1,000 people. Linkedin is .75 per 1,000 consumers.

When it comes to lead costs, the average good quality Google Adwords leads run $100-300 a piece. A facebook lead, which might not be the same quality, costs $5-20 per lead.

“Facebook could double or triple its rates and it would still be the best bargain for digital marketing in town,” Jack Monson, CDO of Social Joey.

Here’s the deal:

To combat and deal with the onslaught of digital content coming at consumers today, the typical person is now compartmentalizing digital information. People are not at a desk, working on a laptop, doing research.

Today, consumers have shifted – the typical behaviour is different than it was five years ago. Today, people spend blocks of time – mostly on their phone – sifting through the content channels they subscribe to and they do it in sequence. They might look at Linkedin, then Facebook, then Instagram, then email, then messenger, then a news feed and on and on. They might do this 3-4 times a day in blocks.

The key is – if you can create visibility during this channel surfing – you have an opportunity to broadcast a relevant piece of content to someone and hit them 3-4 times on multiple platforms. This is the key to recruitment in the years ahead.

Frustrated with Facebook? Been telling yourself stories about why Facebook doesn’t work for Franchise Sales? Keep telling yourself that – your competition will steal your prospects from you!

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