The Joint Case Study

The Who

The Joint Chiropractic stands as a trailblazing force in the healthcare industry, offering a revolutionary approach to chiropractic care. By redefining patient care through accessible, retail-based clinics with no appointments or insurance complexities, The Joint Chiropractic makes chiropractic care consumer-friendly and affordable.

By eliminating insurance hurdles and focusing on a recurring revenue stream through memberships, franchisees can maximize profitability. Offering a proven business model, a highly experienced support team, and a service that truly helps people, The Joint Chiropractic creates a pathway for practitioners and entrepreneurs without a health and wellness background to blend their passion for healing with a sustainable business venture.

The Why

The Joint engaged Brand J in early 2017 to build a new recruitment website, launch story-based franchise lead generation and develop a series of development videos. The Joint had grown to just over 200 locations using an area developer model but recruitment was stagnant. Explaining why The Joint was an opportunity more multi unit franchise owners should explore was a challenge.

The Joint Chiropractic had a unique problem: as the first national membership chiropractic care franchise, how could they attract multi unit franchisees as well as recruit chiropractic doctors? Brand J helped them grow from just over 200 locations to almost 1,000 locations.

The How

Over the years, Brand J has launched a myriad of marketing strategies, including new and old methods of advertising. When it comes to creating a marketing strategy, we don’t just run ads just to fill forms. We learn what your brand is and where you’ve come from, what your goals are, and what your budget is, so we can formulate the best marketing strategy for your brand.

  • Franchise Development focused website: Brand J created an award-winning recruitment website for The Joint, which told two different investment stories – one to entrepreneurs coming from fitness models and one to chiropractic doctors looking to diversify. This website was deep and rich, using research funnels, storytelling videos and high-conversion paths, giving it a very high conversion rate of visitors to lead. Best of all, the website educated candidates and explained the WHY.
  • Traditional digital ads: Brand J launched programmatic search and display campaigns across the Google and Bing sphere targeting behavior, interests, and specific geographic locations to make sure the spend was targeted, producing a high ROI.
  • Organic content writing: A great SEO strategy in the long run validates your brand, gives interested readers something more to learn, and helps your team point interested candidates to the right content. Not to mention, the right content helps your website rank for keywords users are already searching for, helping to create a path from interested candidate to potential franchisee.
  • Social Commerce Lead Generation: Brand J launched a variety of social ads on many networks including photos, carousels, short-form videos and UGC along with link campaigns, lead forms, messenger opt-ins and retargeting ads.
  • Podcasting: Potential franchisees don’t just want to read about your brand, they want to hear about it too. Today, there are over 464 million podcast listeners out there. Spotlighting The Joint in podcasting brought a new light to an already flourishing brand


The Joint is also on the forefront of new franchise marketing strategies, trying experimental new methods, and setting the tone in their industry for new franchise development. Through new methods like personal branding, or short form video ads, The Joint has secured franchise leads from LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram Shorts, Facebook, and TikTok! Today, The Joint Chiropractic proudly boasts over 900 operational franchise locations and growing!

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