Franchise Sales Hack – Why You Should Hide Lead Source From Your Salespeople

What This is About:

If you manage franchise salespeople who handle organic, non-broker leads, how often do you hear passionate feedback from them that leads from a particular source are poor quality? That leads from a particular source have no money, are not qualified, are just kicking tires, ect?

Is this feedback REALLY accurate or is it a narrative the salesperson builds to rationalize their behavior and results in the process. Tracking and managing lead sources, costs and sales progression is critical. What isn’t critical is sharing this information with salespeople real-time.

“Hiding the Lead Source stops salespeople from introducing a negative narrative into sales conversations and forces them to work every lead the same way, increasing sales performance” – Thomas Scott, CEO Brand Journalists

Want to jumpstart lagging sales? Consider hiding the lead source from the notification the salesperson gets. This does two things:

1. Forces the salesperson to respond to each lead in a uniform way – there is no way for them to cherry pick leads and they give the same level of attention to each person, regardless of lead source.

2. It keeps the salesperson from sabotaging their own results by dragging in mental baggage about the lead source into the conversation. Baggage that keeps them from responding quickly, shortens the conversations, limits followup and positions them poorly to get maximum results in the sales process.

Listen in as David Sparks, CDO of Brand Journalists and I talk about how to use this controversial sales management tool. David hides his own lead sources and as a result, produces 2-3 times the sales results from the same number of leads other recruiters use.


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