Brand Storytelling: Franchise Leads Crave Content 

Brand Storytelling: What is it?

We all have a story to tell that defines who we are and what we care most about, and the same rings true for brands – the only difference is, some are better at telling their story than others.

Effective brand storytelling clearly communicates to customers your brand’s history, what you stand for, and what you hope to offer that is of value to the communities you serve. More than anything, brand storytelling puts a personal face on a company, the team that makes your brand unique, and the customers who are at the heart of what you do.

It’s a truth as old as time: stories resonate with people and capture their attention, which is why your brand story must be meaningful, personal, and authentic. In this new digital age, it no longer pays to be a company quietly operating behind the scenes. More than ever, companies need to connect with customers, and brand storytelling is the means in which to establish your identity.

To be sure, there are several reasons why effective brand storytelling is so important. With a constant barrage of marketing and competitors vying for an audience’s attention, it’s increasingly difficult to stand out – products and services are simply not enough. Instead, communicating your brand’s story, simplifying information, and evoking emotions is far and away your best chance to be seen. In fact, one source states messages delivered as stories are up to 22 times more memorable than just stating the facts. Once you’ve built trust and relationships, you are more likely to win loyal customers who will advocate for your brand. “In a crowded marketplace where everyone is focused on doing things faster, more efficiently, and automated, be the brand who dares to be human,” Forbes magazine wrote.

brand storytelling for franchise leadsWhy Brand Storytelling Makes A Difference

Stop for a minute, and think about all the ads that have attempted to grab your attention today. Then, try to recall how many you actually remember. The honest truth is probably not a lot, if any. Turns out, the average American is exposed to anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day, and we’ve become incredibly adept at ignoring all those attempts to catch our eyes. Which poses a huge challenge for businesses: How do you actually attract an audience? Our answer: brand storytelling.

People buy franchises because of the stories they’re told. They want to imagine a better life for themselves and their families, they want to feel a part of something bigger than themselves, and they want to design the life they want.

And the best way for prospective buyers to get the story they need is to create emotionally compelling content that speaks directly to them.

A great example is in real estate. Expert realtors know they can’t push a prospective homebuyer into buying any old house. Instead, they must build a narrative in which the potential buyers see themselves living in the home – hosting family gatherings in the dining room and raising children who can play in the yard. Even better realtors will go the extra mile and outfit the empty homes with furniture to make these visions a little more real.

These efforts work: according to franchise home stager Showhomes, buyers spend more than 45 minutes in a staged home, which is proven to sell quicker and for more money. These very principals have the same successful outcome in brand storytelling. Potential franchisees want a glimpse of what their life will be with your brand.

How Brand Journalists Tackle Brand Storytelling

Brand Journalists are the experts in helping franchise systems tell their stories across multiple platforms and media. Our services are no easy task – it takes a special skill set rarely found in franchise marketing departments. We recognize the importance of speaking the same language as potential franchisees. Right now, there could be any number of people considering investing in your franchise system. Brand storytelling is the best chance of generating franchise leads and recruiting quality candidates.

So how do we do it? It used to be that display ads, banner ads, email campaigns, and franchise portal ads were the industry standard, but not so anymore. Prospective investors want to know the culture of a company, the people who make it up, what it’s like to be a franchisee, and what their lives will look like. At Brand Journalists, we use all platforms and media to generate franchise leads from the right audience, through methods such as SEO, social media, franchise portal strategy, paid search, and email campaigns. We also have a seasoned team of graphic designers to assist with web development and video producers on-hand to create quality and engaging content.

At its core, Brand Journalists tell the story of your brand and the people who make up your team and culture. Through the use of journalism-style storytelling, we craft brand stories that are engaging, transparent, informative, and helpful to candidates researching your company. Brand Journalists take an integrated approach to your marketing strategy. The results speak for themselves: Entrepreneur magazine recently recognized Brand Journalists as one of the hottest marketing trends in the industry, and brand storytelling has been shown to substantially generate more leads than traditional methods.

Franchise Development Websites

Brand Journalists’ bread and butter is creating award-winning franchise recruitment websites designed to convert franchise leads. Franchise development websites include written and visual content that tells your brand story. Through our own industry research, we know prospective franchisees typically spend 50-60 minutes researching a brand. Given the short amount of time to win people over, Brand Journalists creates quality, in-depth and structured content to effectively reach a target audience.

But first things first: when you enlist Brand Journalists on your side, we immediately send out a team to your company headquarters to spend quality time with your staff to truly understand your brand’s culture and your business as a whole. At the end of this process, our Brand Journalists team will be able to speak about your brand as if we’re actually stakeholders, thereby creating a stronger and more authentic brand story.

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