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What is Personal Branding and How Can You Use It to Sell Your Franchise Brand?

It’s no secret that short form video is taking over every social media platform. From Facebook to Tiktok, Youtube and X, to even more niche platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn, have adapted to supporting short form video, and there is a clear reason why. Short form video offers the chance to tell a compelling story in a bite size way. For franchise brands, if you aren’t experimenting today with short form video marketing, you may be at risk of being late to the party tomorrow. In this interview, Project Manager for Brand J franchise development agency, Andrea de Leon, breaks down the logistics of our short form video service, Personal Branding, and how we help franchise brands share their story with the right audience.

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What is Personal Branding and why is it so hot right now?

Personal Branding is an exciting investment to add to a brand’s marketing strategy, where we record a series of interviews, and the videos are chopped up into 30sec-1min segments. We talk about various topics, from the brand’s franchise opportunity, hot-takes in the related industry, and franchising in general. This project is booming because it’s finally putting a face to several well-known franchise brands. In addition to the logo, colors, website, and ads of a franchise, corporate team members and franchisees are able to showcase their passion for a brand’s mission and business opportunity.

Why is short form video taking over the marketing world?

People’s attention spans are unfortunately getting shorter – for the most part. With all of our access to several social media platforms, they incorporate short form video to better depict messages and news. Joining in on this from a franchise development perspective is a no-brainer. A brand can potentially widen the net for who they reach, which can help them grow on both the consumer and development sides.

Where do we post the short form video we create?

We cover a wide array of platforms when it comes to posting Personal Branding videos such as: LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram and Facebook Reels, and X.

How do you prepare clients for their short form video filming sessions?

From questions to pep talks, we help make sure clients are excited to record with us. Depending on the speaker, we curate questions and hooks to cater to topics that the speaker is already an expert in. Typically, we enjoy interviewing anyone from Founders, CEOs, COOs, CMOs, Head of Sales, Franchisees, and more! Everyone always has a unique perspective on topics, and we love seeing everyone’s takes on similar topics. On top of prepping questions, we’ll share our best practices for ensuring that their video has great quality as these sessions are done remotely.

What type of questions do you normally ask in these sessions?

Types of questions will depend on who is being interviewed. When we’re interviewing someone from the corporate team, we love asking questions regarding their brand’s origins, the brand’s franchise opportunity, culture, support, and their experience in franchising. We’ll also cover industry trends, common questions and misconceptions, as well as tips for navigating several brands in the same space. My favorite types of questions are the ones related to franchising and the speaker’s personal experiences, and how they got to where they are!

How does the process work after filming?

After filming, our team gets to work editing the videos in a specific style to cater to not only the client’s branding, but also aimed to hold a viewer’s attention. Once a set of videos is ready for review, I, along with the client’s team, share final feedback before the videos are revised and finalized. Then, the videos are strategically posted on predetermined social media platforms and shared with the world!

How often should short form video content be posted?

This is a very common question I receive, and I know there’s several takes on this. I tell clients that what matters most is consistency. For Personal Branding, we post daily! It really boosts the chances of videos being seen, and it only gets better when the brand’s team helps push videos out to their own personal pages – especially on LinkedIn.

What challenges do you see when it comes to personal branding this year?

A challenge that I could see when it comes to Personal Branding is the videos not reaching their full potential of exposure. By this, I mean that I see an opportunity for a franchise brand’s team to continue boosting their videos’ chances of being seen by engaging more with these videos. Even a simple “Like” is beneficial! For videos that just get posted and forgotten, it’ll take much more time to be seen (if ever). I’m currently working on advising current and future clients investing in Personal Branding to find a way to interact with the videos that are posted across all platforms.

What trends do you see in short form video this year?

When it comes to short form videos, I don’t see any signs of slowing down. It’s an awesome addition to any marketing strategy, because with most platforms, short form videos can reach an audience past those who are already following you. Additionally, repeating similar topics is helpful, because answers are never said the same way twice. If I notice it’s been a while since a brand has talked about something specific, I’ll likely bring it back up in case there are new followers for the account.

What advice would you give franchises looking to start short form video marketing?

Do it! Whether you’re experienced in filming videos of yourself talking or it’s new territory for you, it truly allows you to humanize a brand. Not only can these videos find new audiences that may be a great fit for your next franchisee, but the videos themselves are great tools to use in the sales process. If your team loved the way someone explained something, I highly recommend sharing that video with a franchise prospect. Who knows, they might fall down the rabbit hole of watching past Personal Branding videos on your pages, and they start the conversation with your sales team, knowing more than the average person about your franchise opportunity!

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