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Brand Journalists is the premier franchise lead generation firm in the US. Since 2008, we’ve helped grow over 180 franchise brands, creating breakthroughs in sales results, generating cost-effective franchise campaigns and building some of the highest performing franchise recruitment websites in the industry. We help our partner brands generate over 100,000 leads a year. Since our inception, we’ve helped teams recruit over 10,000 new franchisees and we are a  recommended frequently as a franchise industry supplier.

Our founder and CEO, Thomas Scott, is a well-known franchise author and thought leader on franchise lead generation. He regularly speaks at franchise conferences and shares original content about franchise sales best practices online. Our team of franchise experts includes franchise sales veterans, experienced marketing pros and at every level, subject matter experts in franchising.

You Don’t Need Franchise Lead Generation, You Need Franchise Buyers

Our specialized team of storytellers, content marketers, and video journalists is matched with some of the best designers and SEO / PPC practitioners in the country to produce franchise lead generation campaigns that far exceed industry norms. Some of the brands we work with have posted the highest gains in the franchise industry and we work with everyone from marque brands to emerging franchisors.

In addition to building amazing franchise recruitment websites – our specialty – we provide content marketing, franchise SEO and PPC services along with franchise development video production. To see what the buzz is all about, check out our portfolio page.

Most importantly, we focus on recruiting franchise buyers who are both qualified and most likely to become top performers in your system. We take the time to learn your brand and discover what profiles you SHOULD be targeting then we launch campaigns to get your value proposition in front of them.


Why Franchise Development Pros Work with Brand Journalists

Franchisors choose to work with Brand Journalists because we get results! Our average engagement is three times longer than other franchise lead generation suppliers.

Here are some reasons to work with us:

  1. We produce deals at a below-industry-average rate. Our average cost per franchise deal is below $8,000.
  2. We help brands wean off or diversify from franchise broker networks. Tired of paying sky-high broker commissions? Want to have some franchise deals that produce more profit for your growing company? We can help!
  3. We stay ahead of the curve. Want to know what is the latest trend in franchise development marketing? We have developed a reputation for being years ahead of the curve and using this information to produce real, measurable results.
  4. Our experience is vast. In 2019, we added over $442 Million in value to our clients through over 1,000 franchise deals. We have worked with literally hundreds of brands in every segment of franchising. Tap into our knowledge to build momentum for your brand.
  5. We’re accountable for results. Tired of spending money on marketing and not getting accountable or actionable data? We create transparency with our clients and can help you understand where every dollar goes so you can make informed ongoing changes to your budget.
  6. We PLAY TO WIN! Seriously, who doesn’t like winning? If you NEED to win this year, align yourself with a winning partner and create your own breakthrough!

Curious about working with us? Fill out the Contact Us form and let’s start a conversation – it might just be the most important franchise development call you’ll make this year.


What is included in our typical retainer:

Our typical franchise lead generation retainer includes:

  • Website management – We handle backups, security, edits, updates and change requests.
  • Organic SEO work – We optimize your site so it ranks highly and dominates your competitors.
  • PPC / SEM – We manage a substantial dollar amount of Google Adwords campaigns, and 100% of it is focused on franchise lead generation.
  • Persona Marketing Campaigns
  • Blogging and content marketing – We create and manage ongoing, journalism-style editorial calendars to make sure you are always publishing positive content about your offering and what you publish is written for an entrepreneurial audience.
  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Custom analytics and lead tracking
  • Franchise advertising budgeting
  • Franchise portal management
  • Advertising placement
  • Monthly board-ready decks for lead generation results
  • Sales pipeline review
  • Ongoing consulting on sales tactics, salesperson performance, and sales process

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