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Franchise sales lead generation services

Partner with an agency with a long track record

Brand Journalists is a one-stop-shop for a company struggling to grow and looking for how to create a real breakthrough in development results.

We provide the following services for franchise brands of all sizes, from major players and iconic brands to emerging growth franchise brands:

Franchise development websites

Brand Journalists has been creating award-winning franchise recruitment and sales websites since 2008. Our sites have won Star Awards from the Franchise Development and Leadership Conference, as well as the top 5 and top 20 rankings in the 1851 top franchise websites list. Our websites convert at 400% above the industry average for recruitment websites, and our clients regularly produce the majority of sales from the websites we launch.

All websites are not created equal! A pretty design or flashy presentation doesn’t equal real sales results. We are students of how people buy franchises, and we understand how typical entrepreneurs wrap their minds around a franchise opportunity. When we build a site in 120 days or less from start to finish, clients often remark, “Wow! That was the easiest website project I’ve ever been a part of!”

Here’s the truth about your franchise development website: a typical franchise buyer will do a substantial amount of reading and online research, often upwards of 50-60 minutes. That’s the appetite a real buyer has for information on your offering. We know this from tracking thousands of IP addresses and doing painstaking research for our clients to better help them understand how their buyers behave online. If you don’t have enough or the right kind of content on your website to satisfy this appetite, buyers not only won’t opt-in, they’ll just fade away. You can have a beautiful website, but if the content isn’t well thought out, it will underperform. In fact, data proves that the quality, depth, and structure of the content dictates both your conversion rate and your ultimate sales results.

Brand Journalists creates your brand story first, then designs your website around how to best present your brand to the perfect candidate. This involves a team of experienced writers, our CEO, and talented video journalists reporting, interviewing, and visiting with your home office, your franchisees, and your customers. In fact, 80% of our typical web project is content creation, and 20% is the actual production of your website. We’ve honed our skills working on dozens of sites, and since we stay involved with clients for years after the site launches, we have a keen understanding of what produces the end sales results that CEOs desperately need.

If you are considering a rework of your franchise sales website, talk to us before you make a decision. It might be the most important call you make.

Franchise lead generation

In addition to building some of the highest-performing franchise recruitment websites in the franchise industry, we are well known for our ongoing lead generation service. We work on a flat-rate retainer to help make sure companies hit their goals, can track lead quality, dominate SEO and PPC, perform better than their competitors, and get a great return on advertising spends.

Because we have the enviable job of working with high-performance teams, and we get to work through franchise sales problems on a global scale, we often have the most up-to-date tactics in the industry, and since we’re data geeks, we base our advice on our actual experience.

Our typical franchise lead generation retainer includes:

  • Website management – We handle backups, security, edits, updates, and change requests.
  • Organic SEO work – We optimize your site so it ranks highly and dominates your competitors.
  • PPC / SEM – We manage a substantial dollar amount of Google Adwords campaigns, and 100% of it is focused on franchise lead generation.
  • Blogging and content marketing – We create and manage ongoing, journalism-style editorial calendars to make sure you are always publishing positive content about your offering and that what you publish is written for an entrepreneurial audience.
  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Custom analytics and lead IP tracking
  • Franchise advertising budgeting
  • Franchise portal management
  • Advertising placement
  • Monthly board-ready decks for lead generation results
  • Sales pipeline review
  • Ongoing consulting on sales tactics, salesperson performance and sales process

Franchise video production

Most of the content we produce for clients is textual or in infographic form, but video has risen to be a critical element of any franchise recruitment strategy. Our team of documentary filmmakers creates authentic and moving films about your franchise brand. Used correctly, franchise video production can greatly extend the reach of your site and make your brand story much stickier with potential candidates.

Check out our portfolio page to see examples of our franchise video and website work, and contact us if you want to learn more!

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