Q+A with Brand J Web Developer, Angela Moore

The Secrets of Franchise Web Development

Often the hardest role to fill in any digital advertising team, the web developer makes up the bones that keep the body moving. Your web developer does more than just build websites, they maintain all things websites and keep them running optimally, so that all lead generation efforts work in tandem with a website. Learn about the importance of a web developer, why the role is so unique, and how franchise web development is different in this eye-opening interview with the Brand J Web Developer, Angela Moore.

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How long have you worked in web development, and what is your favorite part of web development?

Moore: I have worked in web development for over 8 years, holding different positions. I have been the lead web developer for Brand J for nearly 2 years now, and have launched a decent number of amazing websites.

When the concept of design used in the mockup phase starts to become noticeable and interactive within the staging phase, that is my favorite part of web development. Transitioning what was in the design to fully become a website is the challenge I take when developing a website, and I enjoy learning more as the technology used rapidly changes in the process.

How does web development for franchise development differ from other industries?

Moore: Web development in franchise development, or franchise marketing, differs in that lead generation is the top priority. Best practices of general web development are still needed, of course. These websites must integrate with the CRM so that the lead process has a smooth flow, and also have multiple places for CTAs or lead forms to be visible. The goal is to make it as easy and quick as possible for someone who is interested to begin the process towards connecting with the brand, so this is always paramount when we start a new web project, or revisit older projects to refresh.

Why do you think it is difficult to find the right developer for a marketing team?

Moore: I think it is difficult, because just like every marketing team is different, so are the developers. One may be more front-end focused, and this is great if the team would need them to work closely together with the designer or take on some design tasks. Another may be less able to assist with design tasks, but can expertly cover programming work, domain, and server tasks on the backend. Having a developer who knows both can be a great thing, but it depends on the team needs as well. The right developer really depends on the needs of the team, and if they can communicate and work well with others on the team.

What are the common challenges in fran dev web development?

Moore: It is challenging to work with various website and analytics related technologies. It takes learning what works well together and finding if they are all compatible, which can be a challenge to test and learn. Through testing and review that has been overcome, even as it is an ongoing process as we seek to stay current. I’m proud of our web development toolbox built up of the web development related technologies we use when building sites.

What is important for team leaders to know to help your web developer thrive?

Moore: It’s important for team leaders to share the main goal or purpose behind certain development tasks or projects. A list of tasks can be shared, but knowing a summary of what the client hopes to gain will help your developer as they complete them. And while we do find achievement in completing tasks, any positive feedback from the client that the team leader can pass on is valuable as well. Although web developers are often known for being a powerful behind-the-scenes entity that only appears when things break, like any working relationship, communication is key. Communicating client goals when starting a project or task helps mitigate confusion when we retreat to our corners of web development to get things done.

What trends do you see in fran dev web development, and how do you see them shaping the future?

Moore: One trend that has stayed relevant for some time is video. A background and a key brand story video are great ways to get the attention of site visitors. These elements also show as well as tell the story of the brand, and paired well with the key points of SEO driven content on page, help make the first page of a website eye-catching and quickly show visitors what they need to know.

I also see compliance as a trend, both in cookie tracking and ADA. While it does not yet impact all states in the United States, as more laws related to privacy online are passed, more cookie banners or form disclaimers will be seen across sites. ADA compliance is also gaining more attention. Sites need to be viewable and able to be understood by all users, and regulations relating to that are increasing as well.

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